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I was asked today about interacting with the internet, knowing that my traffic is monitored tracked, indexed and stored. That contact details and the content of my email is treated the same.

But interaction is almost impossible to avoid. A Tibetan teacher I knew was very fond of his mobile phone.

I think that freedom is made through exercising it. But our time is limited. I want to accumulate good karma when I spend time.

I think our energy is important, that it shouldn’t be extracted for profit and at the end of the day its a tradeoff. Is what we’re doing assisting change to introduce peace, end poverty and provide a truer existence.

We will always want to communicate, its part of us. FB and Google monopolise the network because they have the capacity to connect to the biggest numbers. They have the capacity to connect us to millions, but they have control of that connection. They onsell that capacity and are receiving streams of revenue. They aren’t going away soon.

The insidious profit dynamic, the monetisation of services provided requires revenue.

At least we are told that, that the laws of property and capital are inert. Strangely, government deficits increase as needed by capital, but for people, the purse strings are tight.

In the end it is our participation that keeps them afloat, but we can only abandon them when we’ve constructed an alternative. Or they hand over the keys.

There is always strength in numbers.