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The Beginning

The Beginning

Jobs versus the environment

Where mining meets rainforest: the battle for Tasmania’s Tarkine
Campaigners say plans for a new tailings dam threatens wilderness that should be declared a heritage area

The velocity of wealth transfer from labour to capital is increasing. The pandemic has assisted it's acceleration. The problem with articles like this that they reinforce the ideological inertia associated with the acceptance of relations within the modern economy. The legitimacy of property relations is no longer questioned.

There’s an extraordinary wealth transfer happening right now and the RBA has played a part
The Reserve Bank is throwing just about everything it has at boosting wages and inflation, but all it seems to be achieving are surging asset prices, further widening the gap between the haves and have-nots.

The irony of the WSJ describing the development of capitalism in China is disorienting, but enlightening. As a metaphorical analogue, Bitcoin mining exposes the dynamic of modern capitalism versus the destruction of the natural environment.

China Reconsiders Its Central Role in Bitcoin Mining
Entrepreneurs who create bitcoin have long flourished in the nation, despite an uneasy relationship with the central government. A recent warning of a crackdown highlights the cryptocurrency’s tenuous status in China, and might send some crypto miners to the West.